Mission Statement

"SMPWACA's mission is to enrich people's lives by uniting people from diverse backgrounds through shared motivation, recreation, and development."

SMPWACA has, since our creation, aimed to constantly improve and innovate by providing new methods of analysis and action so we can create an environment that caters to as many playstyles as we can. To connect people has been our mantra since our inception, and it will be until our demise. We are constantly looking to improve, and we are open to competent discussion to make the server the best it can be!

“What gets measured, gets done”


Season 3 Features

Removed Chat Reporting

With Minecraft 1.19's release, Mojang introduced a new "Chat report" feature that could ban players cross-server for saying things that isn't approved of by Mojang. This new feature concerned the entire community, and people got to work fixing it.

We were determined not to release SMPWACA until this was fixed, and thankfully, patches for it were released through third parties. We have implemented these in such a way that no one's account is at risk of getting banned just for joining SMPWACA.

New Dynmap GUI

Dynmap has been a staple of SMPWACA since it's inception, having been a feature we carried over from The Character SMP. We are proud to say we have found further improvements to Dynmap that make it smoother, more intuitive, and cleaner to look at.

Come check it out at http://map.smpwaca.com

Updated DiscordSRV Integration

With newer, nicer looking embeds, as well as the ability to view inventories straight from Discord itself, DiscordSRV has been revamped to make it easier for everyone to talk between Discord and the SMP

Towny Integration

SaberFactions has in the past, been our faction plugin of choice. Moving forward, however, we found that TownyAdvanced has the better set of features for our needs, and allows players to engage in ways not possible before.

Make a town, make a nation, and wage war with each other! Towny allows the SMP to become more dynamic while keeping the classic Minecraft feel

Coming soon to a PC (or Switch!) near you

We're almost there! Get ready with your friends for newest season of SMPWACA!