What is a Staff Member?

A staff member is any individual that SMPWACA gives a constant responsibility. These responsibilities could range from moderating the server, to ensuring our advertisements reach the target audiences. Staff members should be the best that we have to offer in terms of professionalism and understanding, and we are taking great care to ensure we constantly improve

What are the Kinds of Staff Members?

Moderators - Moderators are the backbone of the SMPWACA staff. They provide security to the server and do a lot of the leg work in terms of searching for griefs, thefts, and mitigating any conflict. Admins - Admins (of all levels) assist in the decision making process of the server. Admins provide advise to Overseers, will occasionally help in the technical side of the server, and ensure Moderators are doing their jobs fairly and correctly.  Advertisers/Content Managers - Advertisers/Content Managers (ACMs) control the different platforms of content SMPWACA has. They control how each platform chooses to advertise given the audience we want to reach, and ensure that content coming out of SMPWACA is sleek and cool Information Managers - Information Managers ensure that relevant information is properly being distributed. The best example of this is the WikiMaster, vatoloco13, who is in charge of ensuring our wiki remains clean and informative.  Overseers - Overseers run the server, do most of the technical work, and ensure the server as a whole looks solid and put-together. Overseers will take up tasks left behind by vacant staff positions, but generally is focused on the bigger picture. 

Staff Training


A large part of training staff is to ensure people have the skills they need. We train extensively on commands and skills to help trainees excel at their position.


Our goal for training is to help staff members not only gain skills, but to gain the mindset of the ideal moderator. Awareness of their actions is important for any team to have.


Staff members aren't just hired because they are good (although that certainly helps!), they are hired because they can dedicate the time needed to make the server the best it can be!


We want staff members to not just engage with other staff members, but to engage with the community. Staff are trained in event hosting, conflict mediation, and general community skills.


Teamwork is vital for any staff team's survival. We train staff to fight the problem, not each other so the outcome works for the whole group.

Meet our Team

These people make up the core of what SMPWACA is, get yourself introduced!


Overseer/Technical Lead

3F is the backbone of our operation. One of the co-owners of SMPWACA, he is the one responsible for overseeing the major functions of the server. If something messes up, he's the first one to yell about it.   


Overseer/Policy Maker/Design Systems

CombinatioNova is one of the co-owners of SMPWACA. Cova helps to maintain the community, does technical work when needed, and is the main director of policy within the SMP. Some people may take issue with the description of what Cova does, but that's who's writing all of these anyways, so suck it up.


Senior Admin/Lead Builder

ItsADaisyy is SMPWACA's Lead Builder and Senior Admin. Daisy focuses on prettying up the spawn area, and any other public area that she deems in need of renovation. Daisy also has plenty of moderation experience, and is one of the people best suited to settle silly arguments that should never have gotten to such a level.  Fun fact: Daisy streams on Twitch!


Senior Admin/Head of Staff

Boxbind AKA Box is a recovering HOI4 addict and current Head of Staff in SMPWACA. Boxbind is in charge of everything staff related, and is the primary force behind some of the SMP's historically prominent factions.


Resident Corporate Badass

Bakkhai is the only person in SMPWACA with enough foresight to put effort into things that actually make money. It is for this reason that she has the responsibility to ensure that the staff team has a solid training program, as no one else could be trusted.


WikiMaster/King of Tacos/Peso Boi 1

vatoloco13 is the only authority on tacos in continental North America. vato is a part of the Peso Bois, which consist of vato and ObviouslyKiro, who both regularly reside or come from countries that use the peso (Mexico and the Philippines) Aside from this extraordinary title, he also manages our wiki page and ensure that the wiki has stuff to actually look at there! Come check out the work he does at https://wiki.smpwaca.com